Counselling is usually short term and focuses on a particular problem or issue.
It is often helpful at times of crisis, such a relationship breaking up, a bereavement or at times of transition or other major life events. It offers a chance to look and explore feelings, emotions and thoughts in a safe environnment.


Sometimes when looking at a specific difficulty a patterm may emerge that is highlighting a long-standing difficulty in a particular area. For example, a falling out with a boss at work might reveal a pattern of difficulty in relationships, particularly with those in a position of authority. This might necessitate looking at the personality in more depth, in its development through life stages as well as life experiences.

Psychotherapists also tend to understand present difficulties in terms of how they are affecting the relationship with the therapist now. This allows for the difficulties to be experienced and worked through in the immediacy of the relationship with the therapist.

Jungian analysis

Sometimes it is important to meet with a greater frequency as this generates a feeling of safety and continuity between sessions and enables an exploration in greater depth. For some people meeting twice or three times a week may be sufficient. This is usually defined as psychotherapy, while analysis generally involves four or five meetings a week.

In practice, there is often an overlap between these different modalities, and what happens in more frequent sessions may not be fundamentally different from what happens in sessions held once or twice a week. However, more frequent sessions can facilitate the exploration of feelings and aspects of the personality that are particularly troubling and thus need a greater degree of safety to be investigated.

Clinical supervision

I have trained as a supervisor with the the Society of Analytical Psychology and I can offer clinical supervision to both trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists.

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